Student Residence

To succeed in his studies, a student’s personal effort is essential but it is not enough. A congenial environment is also required. This is why Boisgomin is more than just a place to stay; it combines the atmosphere of a normal household with the conditions needed for concentrating on serious study. As a consequence Boisgomin encourages each student both to aim at maximum achievement in his intellectual work and to develop all aspects of his personality.

To do this, it provides residents with the following:

  • Personal room with laundry service
  • Well balanced meals
  • Study hall with a small library
  • Access to the internet in the computer room
  • Daily contact with students in different disciplines
  • Talks given by college and university professors on topics of current interest
  • Discussions with businessmen and other professionals
  • Sporting activities possible together with other residents
  • Outings, visits to museums, excursions, etc.
  • Various spiritual activities (courses, meditations, etc.) tailored to specific needs. Spiritual activities are entrusted to the prelature of Opus Dei, an institution of the Catholic church.

Because Boisgomin’s aim is to enhance each student’s personal development, we try to open new horizons through a variety of subjects – social, juridical, economic, artistic, literary, technical, etc. – touched on in talks and discussions, and through the fact of living with students in other disciplines and from other countries. In this way we hope to ensure each person’s contribution to society through the competence of his professional work and his full sense of responsibility as a citizen.

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